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Several Cobras and Indian Rat snakes entering Delhi homes due to rains

Cobra rescued from the Food Corporation of India office in Mayapuri, Delhi

Delhi-NCR continues to witness the appearance of different reptiles in houses, offices and gardens in various parts of the city.

The NGO Wildlife SOS’s 24-hour helpline received calls for 10 different reptiles including snakes and monitor lizards. In just two days the team rescued multiple snakes including three Indian cobras, one baby Indian Rat snake and one Indian wolf snake.

Residents of a house in Civil Lines were in for a shock when they spotted an Indian cobra measuring 4 feet near the door of their kitchen. Without wasting time, they called the NGO for assistance. The snake had stationed itself on the gas cylinder from where the team rescued it with great caution as it is one of the most venomous snakes.

Another cobra was reported from the office of Food Corporation of India located in Mayapuri. The 4-foot-long snake was stuck on the door hinge of a room from where it was removed.

At present the two vipers are under observation and will be released in the wild soon as soon as they are deemed fit.

Young Cobra Sadar Bazar
Young cobra rescued from Sadar Bazar


At Kalu Sarai’s Begumpur village, an Indian wolf snake was rescued from a house. Besides this, the Rapid Response Unit also rescued two baby snakes. While one was an Indian Cobra found inside a building compound in Sadar Bazaar, Delhi Cantt the other was an Indian Rat snake removed from the garden of a bungalow in New Friends Colony.

Indian Wolf Snake Kalu Sarai
Indian wolf snake removed from Kalu Sarai

Talking about these incidents, Wasim Akram, Deputy Director-Special Projects, Wildlife SOS said: “The rains have prompted an increase in the reptile sightings. As common shelters for snakes and monitor lizards are flooding, they are looking for safe and dry land, thus inadvertently being spotted in residential areas.”