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Selling 12 mangoes fetches girl Rs.1.2 lakh for her studies!

Tulsi Kumari, who is thrilled with the smartphone which allow her to study (Picture Courtesy 'ANI)

Strange are the ways of life! A case in point is that of a lovely 11-year-old girl, Tulsi Kumari, from Jharkhand’s Jamshedpur, who sold a dozen mangoes for a whopping Rs.1.2 lakh, enabling her to buy a much needed smartphone for studies!

The whole episode involving Tulsi from Jharkhand and firm based in Mumbai is indeed heartwarming and makes us believe in goodness of humankind. A video which showed Tulsi her selling mangoes to buy a phone, and subsequently attend online classes, went viral on social media.

The video, shot by an unknown bystander for reasons best known to him or her, managed to draw eyeballs in large number and got the attention of Mumbai-based Valuable Edutainment Private Limited. The firm on watching the plight of the young girl, decided to buy a dozen mangoes for Rs 1.2 lakh.

Tulsi’s story is like that of several thousands and lakhs of children, especially girls, who drop out of school and education, because of lack of resources. She too was unable to pursue her studies online due to financial constraints and resorted to selling mangoes to gather funds.

Talking to New Indian Express Tulsi said: “I was not able to bear the pain of not being able to attend online classes and therefore decided to sell mangoes so that I could buy a smartphone and continue my studies. Meanwhile, someone came to me during the lockdown on Sunday and took my video.”

She went on and shared that after the video was shot, a few days later, someone called up from Mumbai and offered to pay Rs 10,000 each for 12 mangoes. “Now, I am happy that I have my own mobile through which I am able to attend my classes regularly,” said Tulsi with enthusiasm in her voice.

The money offered by the Valuable Edutainment Private Limited, was transferred to Tulsi’s father's account. Also a tutor was hired for Tulsi to allow her to study. Her father is proud of her passion for studies and believes that it will take her far in life if she gets proper inspiration and guidance.


Equally happy is Tulsi's mother Padmini Devi too with her daughter’s perseverance and with the fact that money has been arranged for her daughter to keep studying. She said that Tulsi is good at studies and that they were hopeful she will do something good in her life.

Meanwhile, Valuable Edutainment Private Limited, which has helped Tulsi, want her to be a inspiration for other students.

In a letter from the Managing Director of Valuable Edutainment Private Limited Ameya Hete to Tulsi, mentioned: "…We hope that this helps you not only through these tough times, but help your future education needs as well.” Hete was impressed that Tulsi instead of resigning to her fate, decided to take charge of her life and exerted to change it. The letter added: “When there is a will, there is a way.”