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Secret British-era tunnel linking Red Fort to Delhi assembly building discovered

A secret British-era tunnel connecting Delhi Legislative Assembly to Red Fort has been discovered

A secret British-era tunnel has been discovered which links the historic Red Fort to the Delhi Legislative Assembly and was used by the colonial rulers to stealthily move India’s freedom fighters from prison to court for trial, according to news agency ANI.  

Delhi Legislative Assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goel said on Thursday that the tunnel was used by the British to move freedom fighters from Red Fort, where they were held prisoner so that there was no reprisal from the restive public, Goel told ANI.

The freedom fighters were then made to stand on trial at the court which also had a room for the gallows. The court premises were converted into the Delhi Legislative assembly building after independence.

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Goel also said that while the mouth of the tunnel has been found no further digging would take place all the paths of the tunnel have been destroyed due to metro projects and sewer installations that have come up.

He said the gallows room which had the hangman’s noose has never been opened. He disclosed that this room would now be converted into a memorial for the freedom fighters and thrown open to the public on August 15 for the celebration of the country’s 75th year of independence.