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Russian bride and German groom marry in Hindu tradition at Gujarat’s Sarvodaya village

The special marriage between German groom and Russian bride took place in Gujarat as per Hindu rituals

The Sarvodaya village of Gujarat was the scene of a very interesting marriage ceremony. The reason being, the groom was German and the bride a Russian, and they were getting married as per the Hindu rituals and traditions.

This special marriage took place between Chris Muller, who according to a media report belongs to an affluent German family and Russia’s Julia Ukhvakatina. Muller after giving up his luxurious lifestyle came to India, in search of spirituality and has been staying here for the last few years. He sold his luxury car, travelled several countries in every continent, before choosing India to settle down. He met his wife Ukhvakatina in India, and the two took spiritual training together and later decided to tie the knot.

In Sarvodaya village, they met Lalabhai Patel, who helped them get married by making all the arrangements. Donning Hindu traditional marriage dresses the couple performed all rituals, including saptapadi, that is seven rounds of the holy fire. All the rituals were done under the supervision of Patel’s family. There was a haldi ceremony and also a Ganesh puja before the marriage.

The parents of the bride and groom were unable to attend this traditional marriage because of the Covid-19 pandemic but they were blessed whole-heartedly by the Patel family and others, who congregated on the occasion.

Muller has founded an organisation called Spirito UG and Inner Living P. Ltd and is the CEO of the company. It promotes mental and spiritual well-being.