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‘Rakshak: India’s Braves’ actor Varun Mitra meets family of Lieutenant Triveni Singh

Actor Varun Mitra, who played Lt. Triveni Singh's role in ‘Rakshak: India’s Braves’, met the family of Lt. Singh, who was martyred while fighting terrorists (Pic. Courtesy IANS)

Actor Varun Mitra, who essays the role of Lieutenant Triveni Singh in ‘Rakshak: India’s Braves’, recently met the family of Lieutenant Triveni Singh, who was martyred serving his duty as he valiantly fought terrorists at Jammu Tawi railway station and saved over 300 civilians present at the station.

The conversation between Varun and the Ashok Chakra awardee’s family centred around Singh’s family’s views about him as a person and about his journey to be a soldier in the Indian Army. Sharing their thoughts about the movie being made about their son, Triveni Singh’s mother mentioned, “Main bahut proud feel kar rahi hoon, sabhi ki picture nahi banti.”

During the conversation, the mother of  Lieutenant Triveni Singh revealed that no one in the family was aware that he had applied for the army, and when she questioned her son, he answered, “Mummy, saare select nahi hote na, jab select ho jaounga tab bata dunga”.

Varun Mitra further expressed that the more he heard about Triveni Singh, the more he questioned himself if he would be able to do justice to the character. He defined Triveni Singh as a selfless man, he said, “Woh log hi alag hote hai, unke andar kuch aur hi mitti hoti hai.”

His sister revealed that Lt. Singh was selected for the navy but his father didn’t want him to go there; instead, he was sent to the Agricultural University where he finished his B.Sc Honors. After completing his degree, he joined the Indian Army. She further added that he was referred to as Tom Cruise’ in his university for his sharp looks and she also mentioned that she was spellbound to see her brother in the soldier’s uniform.

The family also revealed that he was a selfless man who always kept the security and sovereignty of the country as his top priority. Unaware of the incident, Singh’s family was preparing for his wedding back at home. With laughter echoing inside the house, and preparations in full swing, they were informed about the fateful incident at the Jammu Tawi station.

Varun Mitra who essays the role of Lt Triveni Singh on screen shared his thoughts and said, “It is very difficult to put into words my emotional state as we drove to meet the family from Patiala to Pathankot. Everyone was welcoming and warm.  It was a wholesome energy. Everyone spoke of the striking similarity between Triveni sir and I. His mother said that our eyes looked very similar and there was something about our demeanour and energy that was akin.”

He further mentioned: “His mother and sister also said ‘Tumhe lagta hai ki Tumhe producer ya director ne select kiya hai aisa nahi hai jitne bhi log is crew ya casting mai hai, un logo ko Triveni ne select kiya hai (You maybe thinking that the producer and director have cast you, but truth be told, everyone from the cast and crew have been selected by Triveni)’ and that really brought up a whole lot of emotions for me.”

Directed by Akshay Chaubey, and produced by Juggernaut, the movie stars Kanika Mann, Mrinal Naval, Mrinal Kulkarni, and Mohit Chauhan, along with Varun Mitra in the lead role. It’s available to stream on Amazon – miniTV.