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Rajasthan temple's unique underground library hosts 900,000 books

Rajasthan temple's unique underground library hosts 900,000 books

The libraries come in different shapes and sizes across the world. But the one lying beneath a temple at the Bhadariya village of the Thar desert in Rajasthan is unique in its own way.

This treasure trove of knowledge figures among Asia's biggest libraries with a collection of around 900,000 books and the capacity to seat 4,000 people. That too 16 feet under the ground.

The underground location helps keep it cool even during scorching summers.

Built by Harbansh Singh Nirmal, also known as Bhadariya Maharaj who was originally from Punjab, the collection at the library comprises books from different corners of the world as well as those gifted to him on different occasions.

The books range from science to astrology to astronomy to epics, history, dictionaries, atlas and many more preserved in 562 glass shelves.

For scholars and learners, who visit this bibliotheca from across the globe, it's a huge treasure trove of knowledge.

The collection of books in this library begun around 1998. A trust named Jagdamba Seva Committee, owned by Bhadariya Maharaj, also decided to build a temple.

Bhadariya Maharaj also had an idea of investing a huge amount in building vast chambers of knowledge. He himself stayed in a room for many years and read almost all the books available in this library, say villagers.

The library is being looked after by the villagers as well as the devotees of the temple..