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Raipur’s Nukkad café empowers transgender and specially abled people by hiring them

Nukkad Cafe that only employs persons from the marginalised sections of the society but also helps its guests to share their writings and concerns

Realising the need for inclusivity as a means to integrate the marginalised sections of the society, entrepreneur Priyank Patel, has been running a café in Raipur, capital of Chhattisgarh State, which employs transgender, dwarfs, deaf and learning-disabled persons.

It was in 2013, that Patel, an IT engineer who had worked in several companies, started Café Nukkad – The ChaiTastic Teafe”. Till 2017, he employed those with speech-impaired making them economically empowered and confident. It was in 2017 that he started hiring members of transgender community.

By providing a chance to the transgender members, the café helps them break the stigma attached to them.

To make the employees comfortable while working, they are all trained and groomed on etiquette and other aspects of the hospitality sector. Patel ensures that the recruitment and training are person-centric. Two basic parameters for selection for employment are commitment to the cause and professionalism.

All the orders are taken by sign language and there are sign codes for dishes. Workshops for free sign language and gender sensitisation too are organised by the Café.

Talking about the café Patel said: "We do not consider Nukkad as just another cafe, but an inclusive place which is like an extended home where people from all walks of life come over to have a cup of chai and talk about their ideas, life issues and socialise. We currently serve more than 20 varieties of chai. From the Nukkad Favourite Masala Chai to Ginger Coffee, we also have a wide range of delectable finger food.”

At present, there are four outlets of Nukkad Tea Cafe in Raipur and Bhilai.

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