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Railway’s free Wi-Fi helps a porter from Kerala to clear UPSC exams

While working as a porter and unable to spend on books and tuition, Sreenath K of Kerala cleared the UPSC exams with the help of Wi-Fi

Neither age nor circumstances can stop anyone from achieving success and proving this with his example is Sreenath K, who while working as a coolie in Kerala, worked hard to achieve his dream of clearing the Union Public Service Commission exams.

Besides being an inspiration for others to crack the UPSC, Sreenath has proved that it can be done without any books or private tuition.

Native of Munnar, Sreenath worked as a coolie in a railway station in Ernakulam, Kerala, to earn a living and take care of his family.

In 2018 when he was 27, he realised that his income was not enough for his family as now he had a one-year-old daughter, about whose future Sreenath was worried. So he started working at night. To supplement his income but that was not enough.

Then came a turn in his life, when he decided to take a shot at the civil services examination. As unable to afford books and expensive tutors, he turned to the free WiFI that railways provided at the station.

The free WiFi allowed Sreenath to listen to online lectures while working at the railway station. So instead of books and stationary his smartphone, a memory card, a pair of earphones and free WiFi helped him to study. Soon, his hard work paid dividends as he cleared the written examination of the Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC).

Wanting to aim higher, he attempted the UPSC examinations. Despite his inability to clear in the first three attempts, he persisted and finally, fourth time, Sreenath was successful.

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