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Puducherry’s abstract artist brings a riot of colours in Delhi

Using vibrant colours, in his works like 'Phenomenal', artist Anwar Khan conveys hope and optimism to the viewers

The newly inaugurated 1000 Words Art Gallery started by entrepreneur Tejeesh Nippun Singh, was off to a bright start with its maiden exhibition. The reason being the solo art show “Panache-5” which started on December 3 features abstract paintings of well-known artist Anwar Khan, all of which have an abundance of vibrant and diverse colours, lending the show energy and drawing a sizeable number of visitors.

Talking to India Narrative, Khan disclosed that he prefers bright shades. “They reflect hope, happiness and joy. In a world where sorrows are unlimited, if my paintings bring cheer and optimism, then I feel my objective is achieved.”

Anwar Khan Artist
Puducherry-based artist Anwar Khan in the 1000 Words Art Gallery

A look at the work titled “Phenomenal” aptly reflects the artist’s perspective. The yellow and white in the middle gives a feeling of rising sun in the midst of sky hued in dark blue and black while the red and orange shade represent the rays of the sun. The touch of green and azure represent the vegetation and the water on the ground.

A self-taught artist from Puducherry, Khan never attended art school and was inspired to paint by his teacher during his schooling in Chennai. “His name was Francis Xavier who taught us art for 3 years from Class VIII till X. He used the art school style of training us, that is he would ask us to draw him as he sat down on the table or chair. Some would make a caricature while others used strokes to draw him. Apart from this, he would take us outdoors, like to the zoo or a garden, and make us draw. He made us draw on diverse subjects, thereby honing our skills.”

This firm grounding stood in good stead for the artist as he moved from doing sketches to water colours, oil and acrylic. His use of colours and strokes all reflect his training and practice over the years as is evident from the works at display. In the painting “Nature”, Khan deftly uses the combination of green, orange and red to bring out the bloom and blossom of vegetation, making the viewer feel a part of the process.

Anwar Khan Nature
Artwork ‘Nature’

Likewise, the work “Chromatic” with its white, grey, black and yellow colours looks like the display of a bird’s wings which has multi-hued feathers. One colour succeeds the other in such a seamless manner that it looks very natural to the eyes.

When asked how the colour combination comes into being, Khan told India Narrative: “Before I start painting, I am aware of the hues I would use for the work. Thereafter, how and where they are used is spontaneous and intuitive. The entire process of painting is organic.”

Anwar Khan Chromatic
‘Chromatic’ by Anwar Khan

Among the displays there are wooden blocks in square and rectangular shapes, some covered with canvas, on which Khan has used several colours. While the canvas provides limited dimensions, these blocks enable him to explore several dimensions simultaneously. “While this is exciting it is also challenging as the flow of the work should smooth, one colour leading to the other without jarring,” he observed.

(The show is on view till December 12 at Centrum Plaza, Main MG Road, Sultanpur, New Delhi, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.)