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Property worth more than Rs.4 crores stolen from sets of Netflix dramas, ‘Lupin’ and ‘The Crown’

A scene from the Netflix heist drama 'Lupin'

In what can be described as taking a cue from reel life, a gang of masked robbers stole equipment worth $334,000 or Rs.2.54 crores from the set of Lupin, a heist drama of Netflix, in France.

Throwing mortar fireworks, nearly 20 people entered the set while the lead actor Omar Sy playing the role of Assane Diop — a character that has been inspired by master of disguise and gentleman thief Arsene Lupin – was performing a scene.

Produced by the French studio Gaumont, Lupin is Netflix’s second biggest international series. The first is Squid Game.

The theft took place in Nanterre which is situated on the outskirts of Paris on February 25. Following a short break, the shooting of part three of the show was resumed on Monday.

Referring to the robbery as “an incident”, Netflix informed: “Our cast and crew are safe and there were no injuries.”

The authorities are investigating the case.

Ironically one day before this, that is February 24, thieves had struck at the sets of Netflix’s award-winning show on royalty The Crown and got away with expensive antique props worth $200,550 (Rs.1.52 crores). Three vehicles broke into a lorry park located in South Yorkshire’s Mexborough, while a unit was shooting nearby.

The total worth of the equipment and props is about Rs.40 million.

The fifth season of The Crown is scheduled for streaming in November this year.

In a statement Netflix had said: “We can confirm the antiques have been stolen and we hope that they are found and returned safely. Replacements will be sourced, there is no expectation that filming will be held up.”