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Popular singer Suneeta Rao’s number ‘Vaada Karo’ urges everyone to work for stopping environmental degradation

Singer Suneeta Rao's latest song 'Vaada Karo' urges people to work for protection of environment

The concern for the environment is an issue which affects all of us. Now popular singer, dance and stage artist, well known for the Paree Hoon Main song, has launched her latest song Vaada Karo which creates awareness about conservation of ecology.

The song has been released by Hungama Artist Aloud, a platform that supports and promotes independent content. The song encourages listeners to pledge to fight climate change, save the environment and exercise caution and mindfulness in these trying times.

What makes the song special besides Rao’s vocals is the featuring of renowned band, Dharavi Rocks and talented musician, Dhruv Ghanekar. The lyrics are relevant and contextual while the tone is soothing making the song not only hummable but also carrying a message which needs to be highlighted.

The track reminds listeners to be aware of the drastic consequences their actions can have on the environment while at the same time motivating everyone to become change bearers. They are exhorted to play an active and instrumental role in building a sustainable, green and clean world.

Apart from the meaningful lyrics, what is bound to click with the audience is the video which draws one's attention to several environmental issues like plastic, garbage dumping, wildlife, pollution of rivers, etc.

Talking to radioandmusic.com Rao said: “With ‘Vaada Karo’, the idea was to use music as a means to draw attention to environmental issues that all of us have been facing. Over the years, there has been an alarming increase in air, water and soil pollution, unsustainable use of plastic and indiscriminate deforestation. The song serves as a medium to remind us that we are in a situation where it’s important to not just care for ourselves, but for humanity as a whole. And we cannot claim to care for humanity, until we genuinely care for the environment.”

Rao goes on to add that the emphasis of the song is to make people realise about these concerns. “This is my appeal to my listeners and fans – we must not allow ourselves to destroy the earth and make every effort we can at every step of the way to make the world better for our future generations.”

Talking about the number, Hungama Artist Aloud’s Sr. Vice-President, Soumini Sridhara Paul, observed: “Climate change has been a global concern that needs to be addressed by each and every individual. Suneeta’s ‘Vaada Karo’, is a call to action that reminds each one of us how we’ve neglected the environment and inspires us to act and drive change for the greater good. We are incredibly honoured to release a song that conveys such an important message in a beautiful and heart-touching way.”