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PM praises retired army officer for taking care of abandoned animals in pandemic

Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised retired army officer Pramila Singh for feeding helpless animals during the Covid pandemic

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written a letter to Pramila Singh, a resident of Kota, Rajasthan who retired as a Major from the Indian Army, praising her for her kindness and service to helpless animals left in the streets during the lockdown in the pandemic.

Major Pramila and her father Shyamveer Singh used their personal deposits to arrange for food and treatment of stray animals roaming on the streets. Prime Minister Modi has described her efforts as an inspiration for society.

The Prime Minister wrote in the letter: “'In the last almost one and a half years, we have faced unprecedented situations with fortitude. This is such a historical period that people will not forget for the rest of their lives. This is a difficult period not only for humans but also for many creatures living in close proximity of humans. In such a situation, it is commendable for you to be sensitive to the pain and needs of destitute animals and to work with full potential at the individual level for their welfare.”

Prime Minister Modi also said in the letter that in this difficult time, many such examples have been seen which have given us a cause to feel pride in humanity. The Prime Minister expressed hope that Major Pramila and her father will continue to inspire people with their work by spreading awareness in society with their initiatives.

Earlier, Major Pramila Singh had written a letter to the Prime Minister informing that the work of taking care of animals, which she started during the lockdown, is still continuing. Expressing the pain of helpless animals in the letter, she appealed that more people should come forward to help them.