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Persistence and hard work gets a domestic help’s son dream job at Ford Motor Company

Bhavesh Lohar, determined to succeed with hard work and persistence

Despite adverse circumstances and environment, those who want to succeed will do so through grit and toil! That is the case of Bhavesh Lohar.

Hailing from Rajasthan’s Udaipur, this young man is son of a domestic help and through his work and determination he proved that one can achieve the target one aims for. His was getting a job at the Ford Motor Company. He did get a job there as a software engineer.

Lohar’s story which is deeply motivating for all the aspiring youngsters has gone viral on Linkedin as reported in in.news.yahoo.com.

In the post Lohar opens his heart as he writes: "I remember those days, walking along the highway barefoot in the scorching heat to the government school. Me and my two friends used to discuss the future cars that we will buy when we will become big person. Those days I developed a deep love towards Ford Figo after seeing it in a local newspaper ad and always wanted to buy it when I have enough money.”

Having studied at the Bhopal-based National Institute of Technology (NIT), Lohar was compelled to leave his college hostel during the lockdown in 2020. On returning home, he had to make do in his home where he had to share a room whose dimensions were 6 by 6 room along with his seven other family members.

Sharing more details on the post, Lohar stated that it was by simply studying hard and appearing for interviews for jobs in big and multinational companies that made him achieve his goal. Ultimately, his effort paid dividends as he got selected for his dream company. He writes that he was fortunate in that sense.

Giving a glimpse of his humility, Lohar also said in the post that his sisters who were elder to him sacrificed their dreams and ambitions to help him succeed in life.

Profusely thanking his mother, Lohar mentioned that she as a domestic help worked and toiled day and night in order to ensure that his studies were financed and continued without break. She had to do so as his father’s monthly salary was not enough for the upkeep of the family.

To partly help reduce his parent’s burden, Lohar worked part-time to fund his studies.

In order to motivate others like him, Lohar has written in his post that other aspiring students should keep working hard and be positive in life to achieve their dreams.