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Odisha Govt develops new software that makes typing Odia easier

Representational image. The Government of Odisha has developed a software which makes typing Odia easy and grammatically correct

With the objective of making typing Odia language simpler and easier and at the same time overcoming the problems faced by other software tools, the Odisha Government has developed Ama Lipi.

Ama Lipi is a unicode phonetic software which has been developed by Odia Studies and Research, which is based in Bhubaneswar.

Talking to the media about this software tool, Subrat Prusty, Member Secretary of the Institute said it has already received IT clearance from the Government and now various departments are testing its efficacy and efficiency.

This phonetic software enables a person to type error-free Odia words with ease and without mistakes while taking less time.

The software allows easy use of matras, phalas and conjuncts which is not available in other systems. Keeping in mind that it is tough to write all alphabets and symbols, the Odia letter buttons have been properly positioned for writing very simply in the Ama Lipi keyboard.

The tool has further made it easy to type the matras, characters and conjuncts even for those who don’t know anything about Odia keyboard. The software suggests probable or predictive words list to allow a person to choose from. Selection of Odia numerals and symbols along with phalas, matras and conjuncts had been included in the character map.

Being a locally developed software, Ama Lipi can be modified as per the needs of the Government and its departments.

At present the Ama Lipi software has 500 types of Odia fonts while others have either one or a few more.