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Odisha artist’s solo show brings riot of colours to the Capital

The star attraction of the show is the portrayal of Lord Buddha in different poses, including the reclining one

Watching Nature in all its splendor and beauty is indeed enchanting and when it is vividly captured by an artist on canvas, it is extremely pleasing to the eyes and soul. Doing this is Gajendra Prashad Sahu, whose solo art show “Chitrakavya” is on view at the Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

The show brings to the fore Sahu’s aesthetic journey as an artist for the last 45 years.

Among the 23 works, the one which draws immediate attention of the viewers is the acrylic, pen and ink on the huge canvas of 20 by 8 feet depicting Lord Buddha in different poses. In some he is all alone in deep meditation while in others he is shown giving discourse to his disciples. Right in the centre is the reclining Buddha reflecting peace.

While the lotus flowers and buds are shown at the bottom half, the entire canvas is enveloped with verdant greenery with sun providing red and orange hue to the skyline.

Love and spring in the air is depicted in this art work by Sahu

The common theme of all the works is Nature in all its glory. Leaves, flowers, plants, saplings, and trees appear profusely and that too in varied colours. The use of bright and dull shades of blue, brown, yellow, green, and grey hues – shows the season of spring at its zenith with blooming vegetation. Through human faces of men and women and also animals, Sahu highlights the profusion of love during this season. This clearly comes through in the acrylic on 3 feet by 4 canvas.

Along with greenery there is abundance of wildlife — birds, peacocks, elephants – in the works.

Sahu highlights the need for coexistence between human beings and nature in this pen and ink artwork

One particular work, pen and ink on 16 by 7 feet canvas shows the coexistence of human beings with nature. The former is depicted through houses and forts, the latter is conveyed by trees, lotus, elephants and birds.

Sahu is a multi-splendored who besides being an artist of repute, has been a part of faculty of the department of printmaking at B.K. College of Art and Crafts, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, and also a singer and actor.

(The show is on view till April 10, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

Using varied colours in different shades, Sahu impresses viewers with artistic skills