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Netizens praise Kolkata woman distributing wedding food to the needy

Papiya Kar serving wedding food in paper plates to the needy in the Ranaghat area of Kolkata

Sharing joy and happiness with others, especially the needy makes any occasion enjoyable and very satisfying. With the wedding season taking off, there is a deluge of pictures on the social media but one set of images that have touched everyone is that of a woman from West Bengal distributing the leftovers from a wedding to the poor.

Dressed in all finery, the pictures show a woman sitting down with metal containers around her full of food and serving them on paper plates to men, women and children. Happiness is writ large on her face as she goes about the work. These pictures were snapped by wedding photographer Nilanjan Mondal, who then went to Facebook to find out the identity of the woman.

She is Papiya Kar.

Mondal shared some of the images on a Facebook wedding photographers’ group, stating that Papiya had brought from her brother’s wedding reception in the evening, leftover food and served it to a good number of people in the Ranaghat station area.

With the pictures going viral, many who know Papiya disclosed that this was not an isolated case as she is known to help the underprivileged on many other occasions.

Netizens praised and lauded her deed and commended that it saved so much food that would have been otherwise wasted.