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Music labels not the most important: Kumar Sanu

Kumar Sanu

By Yashika Mathur

Veteran Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu is of the opinion that while big music labels can play a vital role in playback singing, their support is no longer all-important in the longer run. "A music label's brand name can take you to a certain point of success, but to maintain that stability you need talent. If any singer has that kind of stability, then it doesn't matter if you have a label or not.”

The singer went on to cite the example of content creators. "Many YouTubers are superhit and no label is supporting them. I think the label is required when you sing in films because they decide the money aspect. In the end talent is what works. Whoever has the talent will shine bright and anyone who doesn't have talent won't be able to do anything even if a big label is supporting them. I think label is not the most important thing nowadays."

Sanu, ruled the Bollywood playback scene in the nineties ever since he came in the spotlight with Aashiqui in 1990, feels that the close-knit circle of in-house singers that music labels create and promote will end soon. "Music companies have their own rules. Whatever they do, singers should have their right and they need to make a mark. Our association is being made and we have started getting more facilities. Music labels have built a boundary around themselves and they take their own singers but that will break in future because in the end talent speaks," he said.  He also feels that with the help of an association for singers, the monetary exploitation of singers by music labels would come to an end.

Talking about his relationship with his son Jaan Kumar Sanu who had recently said the two don't share a cordial relationship, he remarked: "All I can say about Jaan is whatever he is doing musically, he is doing well. He sings well and is struggling as well. He will get work. We will do whatever we can. Our relationship is like that of a father and a son. We will try that he gets a chance. I have tried and will continue to help him. He is a good singer and I don't think there will be any problem in the future.”