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Museum showcasing Tamil Nadu’s 6th Century Keezhadi civilization inaugurated

The Keezhzadi on-site museum showcases the findings discovered during the excavations of this region

Tamil Nadu added a brand new attraction for drawing local, national and international tourists especially those interested in history and heritage of the region. This latest addition was the Keezhadi on-site museum that was inaugurated by the State Chief Minister, M.K. Stalin, on Sunday.

The museum spread over two acres showcases 15,000 artefacts belonging to an ancient and rich civilisation that thrived around 6th Century on Vaigai river banks.

These artefacts have been unearthed during different phases of excavation done by the State Archaeology Department in Keezhadi and cluster villages of Agaram, Manalur and Kothagai. The wide-range of objects discovered includes terracotta wells, brick structures, roofing tiles, and finger-pressed grooves to drain rainwater.

The artefacts in the museum highlight the civilisation that flourished on the river Vaigai banks in 6th Century

Archaeologists also found objects made of copper, gold ornaments, implements made of iron, hopscotches, terracotta gamesmen, figurines, spindle whorls, ear ornaments, beads made of glass, semi-precious stones and terracotta.

The museum has classified these discoveries under categories like Keezhadi and Madurai, ceramic industry, sea trade, weaving and iron industry and lifestyle. Built at a cost of Rs.18.8 crore, the museum has been constructed in Chettinad style of architecture by the public works department.

Visitors will get glimpses into the life of the people by seeing and examining potsherds engraved with Sangam-era names in Tamili (Tamil Brahmi) script, an ivory comb, copper needles, urns, miniature pots, offerings pots, ornaments, dice, and punch-marked silver coin among others.

The inscriptions point to a society which had a high level of literacy.

The museum is spread over an area of two acres showcases 15,000 artefacts

The antiquities in the museum can be viewed as 3D as well as interactive exhibits. While visitors can transcribe their names from present script into Tamili script, they can also see a 15-minute video-audio show explaining the importance of Keezhadi. Other places of archaeological importance along the Vaigai river can be explored through a touch screen facility.

To make the whole experience immersive and interesting, animation videos on various themes, including iron industry, weaving, agriculture, bead manufacturing, lifestyle of urban settlements, maritime trade, the lifestyle of urban settlements, and construction techniques have been provided.

Virtual tour of the excavations undertaken in Keeladi region is available for the public as well as facilities to play and enjoy traditional Tamil sports on touchscreens.