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Mumbai’s mother-in-law sets an example by donating kidney to daughter-in-law

Screengrab from the video showing Prabha Kantilal Mota with her family after returning from the hospital where she donated her kidney to her daughter-in-law

Contrary to the depiction of an adversarial relationship between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law in films and television serials, in real life there are instances that reflect that this may not be true. An example of this recently came to the fore when a 70-year-old woman in Mumbai donated a kidney to her 43-year-old daughter-in-law.


The operation was performed at Mumbai’s Nanavati Hospital on August 1 and Ameesha whose kidneys had become damaged last year received this organ from her mother-in-law, Prabha Kantilal Mota. While she is recovering at the hospital, the donor, her mother-in-law, returned home to a rousing reception organised by her family.

Talking to the media, Mota said she decided to give a kidney to Ameesha as none of her sons could do so. Describing herself as fit, she said she came forward and decided to give her kidney. Having set an example, she now wants to request Prime Minister Narendra Modi to exhort others to also donate their organs.

She added that to her Ameesha was not a daughter-in-law but a daughter.

Ameesha’s husband, Jitesh Mota who is a diabetic and not eligible to donate, said when his mother came to know that there is a waiting period of more than eight years for the donor, she came forward with her offer to donate.

The family’s doctor, Dr Chandrakant Lallan observed that though it is common for women to donate organs to their husbands, parents or children, donating to mother-in-law is rare.