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Mumbai’s children hospital celebrates 10th birthday of its favourite twins

Riddhi and Siddhi the conjoined twins who were separated celebrate their 10th birthday in Mumbai’s Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children

Going beyond their call of duty, Mumbai’s Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children is raising two girls, Riddhi and Siddhi, who are absolutely special for the institution. Living in a separate ward in the premises they are the conjoined twins who were separated by the doctors in January 2014.

They were born in 2013 to a couple who abandoned them and since then Wadia Hospital has been home and family for them. This month they turned 10 and their birthday was celebrated in a grand manner.

Doctors and the staff still remember that more than 30 hours of surgery was required to separate the two as they were conjoined at 180 degrees. The case of these twins was a rare one and is categorised as Ischiopagus twins.

Once under the charge of the hospital, they have been completely taken care of by the institution, from their treatment to education making them the most-adored patients. Their room is air-conditioned and has many colourful paintings. They have a teacher who helps them with their studies.

Having been brought up in the hospital and seeing the healthcare workers so closely the two are naturally inclined to help people. Siddhi is keen to become a doctor while Riddhi wants to be a nurse.

To mark their birthday which falls on May 9 – the day they were brought to the hospital – they were made to wear new clothes, pink frocks and cut their favourite chocolate cake.

Their daily routine includes regular physiotherapy which takes place after their hearty breakfast of either poha or egg fry. They are then sent to the school along with a guard. The regular physiotherapy sessions have helped the two to great extent as they are able to do some of their own tasks like brushing their hair and wearing clothes.

Apart from doctors and nurses there is a helper stationed in their room round the clock to help them.