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Mumbai’s 15-Year-Old Rapper Rocks Netizens

Sania Mistri, who studies in Class XI in Mumbai has created a huge following for herself through her rap videos

Just 15-year-old, Sania Mistri, is creating waves on the social media by her rap videos. Living in Govandi area in Mumbai, Mistri’s father is a rickshaw driver and mother works at several places while she is a Class XI student.

A budding rap artist she has been at it for the past three years and is determined to make a mark for herself. As she does not have a smartphone, she makes her video clippings with help from friends and some of these have taken the Internet by storm. Mistri’s YouTube channel, “Saniya MQ” has more than 3,000 subscribers and she has a sizable following on Instagram.

Talking about love for rap, Mistri told India Today: “Yes, my dreams are high and I am hopeful that my dreams will come true by the grace of God.”

Taking to rap has not been easy for Mistri. In fact for a long time, her parents did not comprehend what she was doing.

"People here didn’t know what rap is and so I had to tell them about it. I had to explain that it is good to rap, how it is done and how much I love rapping. Later, my mother loved it as well. But to me, there was also a concern as to what the world will say once I step out of my house. But now, I have the support of my parents and teachers. Hence, I will continue.”

Mistri’s first performance in public too was dramatic. Narrating the incident, her friend, Nasreen Ansari said: "When Sania made it to the stage for the first time, I told her mother to see how her daughter was performing. But, initially she got a little scared seeing the crowd around. Some boys passed nasty comments as well. But when she started, many felt that she was one of the rappers from Dharavi. She had impressed everyone. Her mother didn’t come close but saw her from a distance and was so happy to see her perform."

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