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Mumbaikar Asma Shaikh realises dream of a one-bedroom apartment

Asma Shaikh with her family, who has now moved to a one-bedroom apartment

Wise and successful persons always advise everyone to dream because that is what makes one strive for an object and get what one wants.

This is what exactly happened in Asma Shaikh’s life. This 17-year-old Mumbaikar dreamed of owning a house and her prayers were answered when this week, she along with her family moved to a one bedroom apartment.

Located on Mumbai’s Mohammad Ali Road, this will be the address for Shaikh and her family members for the next three years. This flat has been provided to them by a group of Samaritans living abroad, who raised money to pay the rent for this flat, till Shaikh graduates.

These people were moved by her story which garnered attention last year (2020), when she passed her Class X examinations when she was living on South Mumbai’s footpath. Studying there under the streetlights she cleared her exams.

On this very footpath, Salim Shaikh, her father, used to eke out an honest living by selling juice but the two waves of Covid-19 followed by the lockdowns hit his business and him very hard.

Yet, he spoke with pride when his daughter cleared the SSC examinations with 40 per cent and got admission in KC College.

This year in July this young student in an interview with BBC had said: “I want to study so I can buy a house. I want to move my family away from this footpath.”

According to report in ndtv.com, Shaikh recalling her struggle to BBC, revealed that during the lockdown she attended online classes as the college was closed. She said: "It is very tough to attend online classes like this, that's why I want to move," she said. "I am forced to study at night under dim lights. At times, the police removes all footpath-dwellers – at those times we are forced to walk around all night long.”

Her poignant tale touched thousands of hearts and help poured in for her.

Mumbai based non-governmental organisation, Mumbai-Aai Caretaker, has disclosed in their Facebook post that a petroleum executive from Qatar, Nausheer Ahmed Khan, has decided to sponsor her education. He will be donating Rs.3,000 every month till she completes her studies.

Not only this, but a group of people living abroad have collected a sum of Rs.1.2 lakh which will take care of her basic needs and comfort till she becomes a graduate. This money will be used to pay the rent for the flat, electricity bills and cater to the family’s basic needs.

With a roof above her head, this college going girl was overwhelmed and said: “I am so happy.”