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Mumbai traffic cop wins hearts as he sprinkles sand to prevent bikes from skidding on wet road

A Mumbai traffic policeman’s considerate gesture is winning over netizens after he took it upon himself to unpack a bag of mud on a slippery intersection after a spell of rain.

A traffic policeman in Mumbai has won hearts by going out of his way and sprinkling sand on a wet and slippery intersection in the Bhandup area of the city where too many bikes were skidding due to the rain.

The sand increases the friction between the tyres and road and prevents the aquaplaning which results when a thin layer of water comes between the tyre and the road causing a vehicle to skid.

A Twitter user Vaibhav Parmar (@ParmarVaibhav7) captured this gesture in a photo and tweeted, “*Appreciation Post* Today at Bhandup Pumping signal many bikes were slipping due to rain, 1 traffic officer called fire brigade but didn’t wait he himself covering road with dust to make sure safety of commuters. Salute to the man. @MumbaiPolice”.