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MP cop suspended for moustache, refuses to yield and calls it a matter of ‘self-respect’

Rakesh Rana, sporting the moustache, which he refused to trim, leading to his suspension from Madhya Pradesh police

A constable working in Madhya Pradesh Police has been suspended. The reason for this, is his decision not to trim his moustache which has been termed as “absurd” and “ugly” by the officials.

Constable Rakesh Rana, is a driver in the State police's transport wing, and is posted with the Cooperative Fraud and Public Service Guarantee wing of the force. He was instructed to trim his moustache but as he failed to follow the order, was suspended with immediate effect.

According to the order suspending him, Rana’s moustache had left a negative impression on other employees.

Talking to the media, the Assistant Inspector-General Prashant Sharma, who incidentally had issued the order said the reason Rana was suspended was because he did not follow a senior officer's order about his appearance.

Sharma observed: "When his appearance was checked, the constable was found with hair grown and a moustache till the neck. He was directed to trim the hair as his turnout was awkward, but he did not follow the directives.”

Rana argues that he refused because it was a matter of "self-respect". “I am a Rajput, and my moustache is my pride.” Besides, he stated that he had always ensured that his uniform was correct in all aspects.

Refusing to compromise despite the suspension, Rana remarked that he had kept his moustache at this length for a long time.

Meanwhile, on Twitter a video of Rana defending his decision has gone viral. In fact some users took his side and one user has posted pictures of Rajputana Rifles personnel with similar moustaches.