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Maoist couple runs successful snacks outlet in Odisha after giving up arms

Amar and Aarti Mirdha who were earlier hardcore Maoists surrendered in 2012 and today run a successful food outlet

A sea change has come about in the life of Amar and Aarti Mirdha, a hardcore Maoist couple who were had given up their arms way back in 2012. After 20 years today instead of handling AK-47 guns and bullets they are running a food outlet selling delicious and fast selling gupchup or water balls and other snacks like samosa in Meghpal street in Tamparasingh area of Odisha’s Sambalpur.

Amar belongs to Topopada village while Aarti hails from Jadagula and both were attracted by the Maoist ideology. Amar joined the banned outfit in 2000 while Aarti came into their fold in 2002. Both mastered handling of weapons like AK-47 and SLRs.

The two who were hardcore Maoists were active in Sambalpur, Deogarh and Sundargarh districts during their association with the outlawed group.

With the influence of Maoists wanning in the region, the couple decided to give up their arms for the sake of the two sons who were five and two in 2012 and surrendered before the Chittaranjan Das, Deogarh Superintendent of Police.

Both underwent imprisonment for three years and were released in 2015.

They were provided financial aid and other incentives as per the Government rehabilitation package to enable them to start and lead a normal life. The two opened a food outlet and started selling snacks.

The couple told News18 that whatever they had received from the Government had been spent in the courtroom. Amar said: “If we get a loan from the bank, we can make the shop bigger and run better.” The Additional District Magistrate told the couple that they will be provided the required assistance to promote their business.