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Manipal college student’s trolley bag springs a surprise as girl is found in it

An engineering students in Manipal tried to sneak his girlfriend into the hostel in a trolley bag was caught by the caretaker

In a bizarre incident which had many on the social media in splits, an engineering college student in Manipal, Karnataka was caught trying to sneak in his girlfriend in a trolley bag at night. The student while going past the hostel entrance raised suspicion of the caretaker.

Reports in the media said that according to eye-witnesses the boy was asked by the caretaker as to why he was carrying such a huge and heavy piece of luggage. Unable to give a cogent reply, the student stuttered and said that the trolley bag had objects that he had ordered online.

Not satisfied with his reply, the caretaker asked him to open the bag to enable him to check the contents. The boy tried to dissuade the caretaker by telling him that there were fragile and delicate items in it. However, the caretaker remained adamant.

There was a great surprise in store for the caretaker and others present there when the bag was unzipped. To everyone’s amazement a girl was found curled up inside it.

One of the students present there told TOI that the girl was a student of the college and a dancer.

Both the boy and girl have been suspended from the hostel and have returned home.