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Maharashtra farmer’s prompt action saves leopard from 70-feet-deep well

Forest Department officials and Wildlife SOS rescued this leopard from a 70-feet-deep well in Maharashtra

In a two-hour-long operation, a female leopard was rescued from a 70-feet-deep well which was uncovered in Maharashtra’s Otur village, which is close to Pune district. The rescue operation was conducted by the Forest Department and Wildlife SOS.

This incident closely follows the case of a male leopard which was saved from a 50-feet-deep well in Ahmednagar’s Alkuti village.

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The feline was spotted by a local farmer who had gone to the well to switch on the motor pump and on spotting the helpless and exhausted animal which was trying to stay afloat he reported to the Forest Department and Wildlife SOS’s Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Centre in Junnar.

The Department officials and the three-member Wildlife SOS team led by Veterinary Assistant Mahendra Dhore reached the spot with the required equipment for rescue. As a temporary measure of relief, a wooden log tied with ropes was lowered in the well to enable the leopard to get support.

The rescue team immediately swung into action and lowered a cage into the well with its door open and facing the leopard who immediately jumped in and was quickly pulled out.

The scared animal has been moved to the Centre for medical examination. Sharing details about the leopard, Dhore said: “The leopard is a female, approximately 4 years old. The animal is exhausted from the ordeal and will be kept under observation for a few days till she is deemed fit for release.”

According to Otur Range Forest Officer, V.M. Kakde, “Otur is a leopard prone area and these animals’ frequent neighbouring villages in search of easily available prey such as poultry and livestock. We suspect that this particular leopard had fallen into the well at night while on the prowl for food.”