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Madhya Pradesh’s Jhiri village speaks and sings in Sanskrit!

Jhiri village residents started learning Sanskrit from 2002 and now everyone there speaks only that language

Considered by many as a language which is hardly used now except while chanting mantras for rituals and ceremonies, there are people who are keeping Sanskrit alive by using it in their daily life. One such is Jhiri village located 45 kilometres from Raigarh district headquarters in Madhya Pradesh.

Speaking and chanting hymns in the world’s oldest language the villagers have verses written outside their house in Sanskrit and they start their day by saying Namo-Namah.

It all began in 2002 when Vimala Tiwari a social worker started teaching Sanskrit in the village and with that the residents started connecting and becoming gradually closer to the ancient language. The exercise has come a long way as now the entire village – nearly 1,000 people, including labourers and farmers — speak Sanskrit.

Besides the language sounding good to them, the villagers said that there is a sense of familiarity they have with it. In fact, now the girls who after their marriage are settling outside the village, are continuing with the tradition of speaking Sanskrit and teaching it also.

Villagers are hopeful that this tradition will continue in the years to come and that this language will continue to survive and thrive. With the aim of doing this and staying in touch with the language, the village elders gather their children either at chaupal or temple and teach them Sanskrit daily.

Besides, women sing Sanskrit songs during festivals and other occasions like marriage.

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