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Madhubani art on masks to spread anti-coronavirus message

Madhubani art on masks to spread anti-coronavirus message

Amid the coronavirus scare in the country, a Bihar couple feted for world-famous Madhubani paintings is leading the efforts to use the art form on face masks to exhort the public to fight the dreaded disease.

Remant Mishra and his wife Usha, who have been felicitated for their contribution to the art form, said that artistes of Madhubani paintings in Jitwarpur village in the district have, through voluntary efforts, painted the face masks along with slogans like 'Save Humanity, Get Rid of Corona', 'Go Corona Go', etc.

Remant said that he would distribute 200 such face masks free of cost to artistes and other members of the public.

Usha Mishra said that they purchased these masks with money from their own pocket and roped in local Madhubani artistes to paint these. She said that the masks with Madhubani paintings and slogans were their contribution to the efforts to fight the coronavirus, which has so far claimed more than 7,000 human lives across the world.

She said that though the money they spent on the endeavour was not big, the message they intend to send across to the public was.

She said that the painted masks would be distributed among artistes who travel far and wide to popularise their art. These masks will not only protect them, but also help spread the message, Usha pointed out.

Remant has showcased his Madhubani painting skills in many government buildings and offices, including the government's Circuit House in Madhubani. He recently returned from Mauritius after holding a training classes there.

Remant asserted that there was no need for the public to be afraid of coronavirus but to remain aware and alert. He said that he could paint more face masks in case someone purchased these for the purpose..