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London man stands in queue for the rich and makes good money

Freddie Beckitt, the man who waits for others in queue and makes a living!

Talk about unusual professions, here is one which is out of the world. It is waiting in queues for the well to do people, and get paid for it!

Freddie Beckitt,31-years-old, hailing from Fulham, West London, is a professional queuer who has honed waiting to a fine art and making it a source of income. At times he earns 160 pounds or more than Rs.16,000.

According to him this trade came to him by virtue of being a Londoner.

Most jobs of waiting are for very popular and sought-after events. These include exhibitions like the one at V&A and performance at the Apollo. For the premium events, people don’t mind shelling out the cash.

Talking to thesun.co.uk, Beckitt said: "I worked eight hours for a job queuing for the V&A's Christian Dior exhibition for some very well-to-do people around their mid-sixties. The actual queuing was just three hours but they asked me to collect their tickets too and wait for them to arrive, so I just had hours perusing the V&A museum being paid £20 an hour, it was great!"

Asked about his clientele, Beckitt said they range from busy young families to older pensioners. Even though he has waited in harsh winters, summers are the best season for him since there is a galore of exhibitions and events then.

Talking to the media he said: "I also do seasonal and Christmas shopping queuing, but big events that people know about in advance, is normally when people think to book me in to save them time.”

Beckitt publicises his skill sets on Taskrabbit in which he includes packing, pet sitting, moving help and gardening as well in order to supplement his income.

In a candid observation about his waiting job, he said: "Unfortunately I don't think I can charge anymore than £20 an hour and it doesn't require any skill or even hard work! But it gives me lots of flexibility to earn and fit it about my writing schedule."

Interestingly, Beckitt has plenty of five-star reviews.