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Located in a graveyard, Ahmedabad’s Lucky Tea Stall attracts customers in droves

Patrons of Lucky Tea Stall in Ahmedabad enjoy Indian and Chinese vegetarian cuisine sitting in the midst of graves (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@nandu79)

It is an eating joint like no other in the world as at Ahmedabad’s Lucky Tea Stall in Gujarat, customers enjoy their food sitting among trees and graves spread in the premises.

This outlet is run by Abdul Rajak Mansury, a Muslim and it serves pure vegetarian food – even eggs are not used — and is patronised by people from all faiths and interestingly is built on a Muslim graveyard. It may sound strange but patrons believe that the place is lucky for them. Take Sagar Bhatt, who visits the temple every morning and is at the stall for his cup of tea.

Talking to PTI he said: “It feels auspicious to have tea at this place. There is something special about this place.”

In all there are 26 graves and these have grills around them to protect them. The staff of the stall cleans them every day without fail and places fresh flowers on them.

Some of the graves have chadars covering them put by people whose wishes have come true.

Lucky Tea Staff Ahmedabad1
Bun maska is one of the favourites among the customers who enjoy it with tea at the Lucky Tea Stall (Pic. Courtesy Twitter@sabarinathc)

Another engaging facet of this stall which has been running for 60 years is the painting adorning one of its walls which has has been done by the renowned bare-foot artist M.F. Husain. It shows an oasis, camels and a kalma. “It is the only tea shop boasting a Husain painting,” informed Mansury.

Surrounded by several colleges and offices, this tea stall is frequented by students, office-goers and those who want to talk business.

While there is a range of Chinese and Indian dishes on the menu, the most popular among the customers is bun maska.

Mansury revealed that the stall started on a handcart under a neem tree, and later developed around the graveyard as business grew.