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Largehearted vet allows the bike to become a squirrel’s nesting ground!

Representational image. A squirrel in Madurai decided to use a veterinarian's bike to set up her nest, while the doctor allowed it too (Pic: Courtesy wikimedia commons)

Strange are the ways of Nature bonding one species with the other! Take for instance the case of a squirrel who decided to nest in a bike’s bonnet and the vehicle owner who willingly allowed the rodent to give birth to the young ones.

A resident of Anaiyur’s Koodal Nagar in Madurai, Meril Raj, had observed a squirrel around his motorcycle quite often. Wondering whether the creature was a bike-buff, he one day opened the bonnet of his bike, expecting the wires of his bike in disarray. But lo and behold he witnessed something different and amazing!

Sharing the details with Express News Service, Raj said: “A squirrel used to come to my bike often even though there are trees nearby. I was at first scared that the squirrel would have bitten off the wires of the bike. But when I opened the bonnet of my bike seat, I found a nest prepared for the yet-to-be born squirrels. I did not want to disturb them so I left my bike there and started using the other vehicle.”

A veterinary assistant surgeon by training and profession, the large-hearted Raj has allowed the squirrels to live in the bike for nearly a month now.

On discovering the nest initially, Raj after a fortnight or so, found three baby squirrels in the nest located in the bike. In fact hefilmed the mother taking back one of the babies that was on the ground.

Being a trained animal expert, he quickly realised the value of the nest to the mother and babies. He told the media: “The same night, the baby squirrel was brought back to the nest in my bike. Squirrels are in general sensitive beings. I understood they felt secure inside the nest than anywhere else. So we decided to leave the bike for them until all three squirrels grew out of nest.”

Now for the million dollar questions, how did this rodent who usually love trees managed to sneak into the bike? She got into the vehicle sideways while the elevated seat helped her in this intrusion. Even though Raj will need to get the bike repaired, he is game for it.

“It would cost me Rs.5,000 to repair the broken wires of the bike. But it is all worth it,” he responded with a contented smile lighting his face.