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Landing with a Catla fish weighing more than 16 kgs, Bangladesh fishermen makes Rs.26,200 in a jiffy

Representational image. A Bangladesh fisherman who went to Padma river to catch hilsa, netted a big catla weighing more than 16 kilograms and made a quick amount of Rs.26,200 (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@Deshifish01)

One never knows what is in store when the fishing net is thrown in the water. Exactly on similar lines an incident happened in neighbouring Bangladesh when a fisherman along with his team caught a huge Catla fish – weighing more than 16 kilograms – from the Padma river of Goalanda in Rajbari.

Ishaq Haldar, the fisherman, had gone to Padma river to try and catch hilsa fish, the ban against fishing this fish having been lifted by the Bangladesh Government earlier in the week and he landed with this big catla instead!

According to reports, Haldar had caught this fish on Tuesday at the ferry wharf number 7 of Daulatdia and it fetched him a handsome amount of Rs.26,200. He took the catla to Daulatdia Ferry Wharf No. 5 to sell it where already many others were vending fishes including catla at different prices. Making a strategic move, Haldar decided to sell it at Rs 1600 per kilogram while the going price was Rs.1650 and in a few hours he made Rs.26,200.

Talking to the media, Haider said: “Hilsa fishing was banned in Bangladesh from October 4 to October 25. On Monday, the ban was relaxed from midnight. After the ban was removed, I went out to the river Padma along with my team to catch hilsa fish but a big catla weighing around 16 kg was caught in my net.”

Catla fish is large and has a broad head and a protruding lower area. On its dorsal side, there are large, greyish scales.

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