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Kerala hospital tenders apology for racist ad for skin treatment showing Morgan Freeman

The advertisement that was slammed by the social media users for its racial undertones

Facing the heat and backlash on social media, a hospital in Kerala, which had used Morgan Freeman’s picture for the advertisement of their skin treatment, has removed it and tendered an apology.

The advertisement by the Vadakara Cooperative Hospital came under fire when its image was widely circulated on social media. It showed the photo of the 84-year-old actor to publicise many of its several services, including the removal of warts, skin tags, warts, milia, molluscum and more.

Users and viewers slammed the hospital for the advertisement which had racist undertones.

Some users tagged Freeman while posting this ad. One wrote: “Sir Morgan Freeman, your picture is used as a poster at a dermatology department advt board in a chospital in Kerala, India. Using your picture as sample, they are claiming to make everyone free from dark tan, wrinkles, pigments…."

GP Ramachandran, film critic in his post wrote: "Vadakara 'Co-operative' Hospital is a disgrace and an insult to the great co-operative sector in Kerala."

Author Sree Parvathy while listing the top performances by the actor wrote: "Those who lifted the picture of Morgan from the internet failed to identify the Oscar winning actor and went by his skin colour, the rashes on his face and his African-American heritage.”

Following this adverse reaction, the hospital pulled down the poster and issued an apology.

Talking to New Indian Express, T Sunil, Marketing Manager of the hospital said: "The picture was taken from the internet and the board displayed near the casualty on January 26 (Wednesday). When we came to know about the gaffe, it was removed on Saturday. "The hospital has issue an apology on its Facebook page. There was no intention to defame the great actor.”