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Karnataka’s beloved grandmother donates land worth crores for her village school and playground

Huchchamma Chowdri who made a difference in the life of 300 children by donating her land for their school and playground

It indeed takes a big heart to give away one’s possessions for making the lives of others better and that is what Huchchamma Chowdri of Karnataka did by donating her land worth crores for building a school and its playground.

Resident of Haveri district’s Kuniheri village, Chowdri does not have any children and works in the same school as a cook for preparing mid-day meals for the students.

Chowdri had two acres of land in the village to her name and she volunteered to donate one acre when the Government to build a school was looking for land. Subsequently, when the need for a playground for the school students arose, she again stepped in to forgo the remaining one acre.

Value of land in the village had shot up with a large number of metal manufacturers moving there and Chowdri’s land was worth crore of rupees according to the villagers.

Talking to the media she remarked: “What would I do with all that money? These kids will remember me forever, won’t they? That is enough”

Married to Basappa Chwdri, Huchchamma who is fondly called Ajji (grandmother) by children came to this village very young. They never had any children and both worked hard as farmers on their land, while leading a simple life. Following her husband’s demise, she continued to work on the land.

Having foregone all the land she owned, she continues to serve the children working as a cook in the school while working in other people’s fields for her living.

Chowdri happiness comes from all the village children calling her Ajji. “I didn’t give birth. But all these kids call me Ajji (granny). I feel extremely happy to feed 300 odd kids every single day. Why settle for one or two children when you can call 300 your own.”