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Karnataka to start self-defence training programme for women with 50,000 girls

The Karnataka Government has decided to impart self-defence training to girls and women and to begin with 50,000 will undergo this training

In a significant move to tackle crime against women, the Karnataka Government has decided to train women in self-defence.

The State Chief Minister, Basavaraj Bommai during the launch of the “Obavva Art of Self Defence Training” organised by the Social Welfare Department, yesterday said girl students of schools and colleges will be trained in self-defence. In this the police training schools will help in conducting and imparting the training.

The CM said instructions had been issued to the Home Department for providing the police training schools to teach women self-defence.

Talking to the media, Bommai said: “Women hold venerable respect and position in the society, but perverts look at them in a cheap manner. Several laws have been passed, programmes formulated and funds have been spent to prevent harassment and atrocities against women. Yet there is a need for imparting self-defence training too for them. The rogue elements could be taught a lesson if women are trained in self-defence.”

Going further, the CM informed that an ambitious programme has been chalked out to train 50,000 girls students in Backward Classes and Social Welfare department hostels in self-defence. He said the programme had been aptly named after Onake Obavva, which gives the strength to fight, Bommai said.

Regarded as one of the foremost women warriors, Obavva, single-handedly fought against the forces of Hyder Ali with a pestle.

Bommai also announced that a special programme is being formulated to impart self-defence training on par with military training for women.

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