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Karnataka NGO helps to reunite lost woman with family in Haryana

Thanal Home, an NGO in Karnataka's Madekeri has helped to reunite a lost woman with her family in Haryana

While providing refuge, solace and help to homeless, lost and destitute people, the Thanal Home in Madikeri in Karnataka’s Kodagu district, does more for its inmates. Recently, the institution is helping a woman get reunited with her family after a period of four years.

The elderly woman inmate whom Thanal Home is helping is called Darshini. Four years ago, this homeless woman was found by Kushalnagar police station staff lying by the roadside. They contacted the home to provide her shelter as she had nowhere to go.

At the Home she was not only provided refuge and food but also treated for her illness. In the beginning, all she could disclose was that she was from Haryana. Over a period of time, as the treatment started have its effect, she was able to recollect that she was from a place called Rohtak in Haryana.

Darshini at Thenal Home

With this information Mohammed, the head of the Kodagu Thanal Home, got in touch with the Rohtak police station. When her photographs and videos were circulated, the police informed the Home that they should get in touch with Sonipat police.

At Sonipat it was found that Darshini’s details and identity matched with that of a person who was registered as missing. It was revealed that she had many family members and relatives, all of whom were eager to meet her. Her husband and some others of the family are reaching Madikeri to take her.

This is not just a singular instance of Thanal helping to reunite elderly people with their families.

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