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Israeli farmer grows world’s heaviest strawberry

The world's heaviest strawberry grown by a farmer from Israel has been recognised by the Guinness World Records

One look at the world’s heaviest strawberry, there is a desire to eat it! Recently, Ariel Chahi of Israel created a world record by growing a supersized strawberry that weighs 289 grams. The Guinness World Records confirmed the fruit to be heaviest as it is 18 cm long, 4 cm thick and 34 cm in circumference.


It was grown by Ariel’s family business enterprise.

This Ilan variety of strawberry was bred by Dr. Nir Dai, a researcher at Israel’s Agricultural Research Organisation at the ARO Volcani Center in Bet-Dagan, near Tel-Aviv. It is known for producing large fruits.

Explaining the size of the fruit, Dr. Dai said: "During this strawberry season in late January and early February it was particularly cold. The strawberry developed slowly for more than 45 days from flowering which caused it’s large size at full ripening stage."

The earlier record for world's heaviest strawberry was 250 grams and it was grown by Koji Nakao of Japan. Weighed at Fukuoka, Japan in January 2015, this variety is called Amaou.

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