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Invoking divine intervention for protecting people against Covid-19

A Corona deity being worshipped in a temple at Coimbatore (Pic: Courtesy indiatoday.in)

Faced with the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic which has led to thousands being killed, people are turning to divine intervention to rescue them from this catastrophe. One such case is the establishment of a black stone idol of Goddess Corona deity at Kamatchipuri Adhinam, a temple at Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu.

The temple authorities decided to create and consecrate 'Corona Devi', a deity dedicated to protect people from Covid-19 in the wake of the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Adhinam in charge, Sivalingeswarar, stated that it has been a practice to create deities to protect people from plagues and diseases.

The city has organized a 48-day Maha Yagya to help folks to slacken the fear and avoid discrimination against coronavirus victims.

With an increasing number of Coronavirus infection cases, the statue of Goddess Corona has been installed as a spiritual gesture.

Speaking to indianexpress.com, Anand Bharathi, the manager of Adhinam, said consecrating deities to protect people from deadly diseases have been in practice for many years. He cited Plague Mariamman temple in the vicinity as an example.

“People are affected by Covid-19. So, our Guruji informed us in our dream to do something like this to save people. The consecration ceremony was held on Tuesday and we started offering the poojas from Wednesday.”

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In a report filed by the ABP News Bureau, the Swami at Sri Sivalingeswara Swamy of Kamatchipuri Adhinam said: “Today, human life has been disrupted by the coronavirus. History has records, many people lost their lives when measles and cholera struck the country. Mariamman, Magaliamman, and Karumariamman have worshiped in the villages with a faith that the deity is the helper of the helpless. The places where the pitchers with neem leaves placed and worshiped later turned into temples. It is a cult created by the people even though there are no scriptures written on it.”

While no devotees will be allowed to perform this puja, only temple staff can attend the Maha Yagya.

The Goddess Corona would be celebrated in the area for the next five years.

It is important to note that people should avoid misinterpretation and rumours that only worshiping the Corona Devi will help people get rid of the infection.