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Indian-American nonprofit raises $1 million for COVID-19 relief

Indian-American nonprofit raises $1 million for COVID-19 relief

Indian-American nonprofit, Indiaspora has raised $1 million to fight hunger among vulnerable populations affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the US and India.

Its 'Chalogive for COVID-19' initiative met its initial goal of $1 million, just 10 days after its launch after an outpouring of support from the Indian diaspora, the <em>American Bazaar</em> said in a report.

Contributions were sent to two beneficiary organizations: Feeding America in the US and Goonj in India.

Feeding America has secured 4.7 million meals in the US through Indiaspora's initiative, as every $1 contributed secures 10 meals via the organization's network of 200 food banks, according to an official statement.

Goonj, which is using the funds to provide food, dry ration and hygiene kits to displaced migrant labourers in parts of eighteen states in India, has been able to provide sustenance for 106,000 migrants and their families through this initiative so far, the Indiaspora statement said.

Each $20 contributed to Goonj feeds a family of four for seven to 10 days.

"There was a huge desire in our community to help during this crisis, and we provided an easy way to give. The Indian diaspora stood up and rose to the occasion when the ultimate time of reckoning arrived," The American Bazaar quoted Sanjeev Joshipura, the Executive director of Indiaspora.

One of the largest contributions to the initiative came from Bay-area based volunteer group Aram Sei, whose vision is to support grassroots charities worldwide with specific focus on education and healthcare.

"Our team of twelve members is proud to support the ChaloGive fundraiser initiative that helps us make a direct impact to those in need," said Sangeetha Lakshminarayanan, President and Founder of Aram Sei.

"We feel fortunate to be able to make a difference in our country of origin and the country we have embraced and made our home.".