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India welcomes Cheetahs from Namibia, PM to release the big cats later today

The crates with cheetahs from Namibia which landed in Gwalior air base today being loaded

The special cargo plane – Boeing 747 painted with a tiger’s face – with the cargo of eight African cheetahs landed at Gwalior’s Maharajpur air base this morning. These big cats flown from the African nation Namibia are to be released in Kuno National Park by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of his 72nd birthday.

The eight cats – three males and five females – are being reintroduced in the country after they went extinct seven decades ago. These felines will be shortly flown in a Chinook helicopter to the KNP in Sheopur district.

Of the eight, PM will release three of these African cheetahs into the KNP’s quarantine enclosures.