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Impressed by gutsy Delhi man with disabilities, industrialist Anand Mahindra offers him a job

Birju Ram the man without arms and legs, who takes life as it comes, has been hired by Mahindra Group

In December last year the video of one Birju Ram, who has no arms and legs but yet had been driving a modified vehicle for the last five years in the National Capital went viral on social media. Replying to a question by an inquisitive passer-by, he revealed:  "I have a wife, two small children and an aging father… that's why I go out to earn.”

The video had caught the attention of the Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra. Impressed by his grit and perseverance, Mahindra asked people for help in finding out about this man. He had said he wanted to employ him with the Group's electric last-mile delivery service.

Taking to Twitter today Mahindra disclosed that the man had been identified as Birju Ram and hired at one of the company's EV charging yards.

In his Tweet he wrote: "There have been many follow up videos and negative 'revelations' about this gentleman on YouTube But I want to thank Ram and Mahindra Logistics for employing Birju Ram at one of our EV charging yards in Delhi. EVERYONE deserves a break…"

The chairman also shared two images of Birju Ram. One showed Birju Ram being welcomed with a bouquet of flowers. In the other one, he is seen signing some papers, with the pen gripped in his mouth.