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Hyderabad Doctor’s Open House Welcomes One And All With Open Arms!

An Open House in Hyderabad which welcomes all without asking any questions (Pic. Courtesy wirally.com)

Opening their hearts literally for the people in need, a couple in Hyderabad have opened a house for them. One is talking about an Open House or an initiative which is called Andhari Illu which means everyone’s house run by 56-year-old Dr, Surya Prakash, which welcomes everyone, irrespective of their caste, religion or gender.


The Open House which was started in 2006, functions from 5.30 a.m. to 1 a.m. on all the days of the year. It functioned even during the Covid-19 pandemic waves providing relief to many people.

The house is situated in Kothapet area of the city and from a student to a person needing food or clothing to an individual eager to read newspapers and magazines to a youngster preparing for examinations, all of them can avail what is offered by Andhari Illu.

Besides reading material, and an outdoor place with tables and chairs to study, there is a kitchen too which has utensils, oil, rice cooking oil, vegetables, eggs, and pulses for people to make food and eat.

Talking to Express News Service, Dr. Prakash said: “Anybody feeling hungry can come here to eat, read some books and gain knowledge. It gives us immense happiness when the needy leave the place smiling.”

In the two-storeyed house, Andhari Illu functions from the ground floor and in the first floor, a clinic is run by Dr Prakash’s wife, who is a gynaecologist. It is through their Life Health Group Reinforcement Group that the couple have been carrying out this social service.

Looking at the Open House as a way to serve the society, Dr. Prakash remarked: “I never saw the Open House as a business, as my life is dedicated to social service. We don’t even request for funds or donations and carry out the service as per our capabilities.”