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Humour flows across the India-Pakistan Line of Control

Shashi Tharoor, Congress presidential candidate

Digital age and Internet has helped in exchange of humour and creativity across the tense man-made borders of India and Pakistan. The Gen-Z and millennials on both sides seize initiative in this trend more than others.

Only recently, Pakistan’s Danaeer Mobeen’s Instagram ‘pawhri’ post got the netizens in both the countries to have a good time. Now it is the turn of their local comedian Akbar Chaudry to set the ball rolling.

Chaudry’s hilarious tutorial video on his Twitter, in which he demonstrates the ways to speak Shashi Tharoor English, leaves the viewers in splits. The Thiruvanathapuram Congress Member of Parliament, an eloquent speaker, is well-known for using words which makes the majority of the listeners seek help of dictionaries. So often this happens, that a wag remarked that the publishers of dictionaries must pay Tharoor a royalty, since his English has ensured the lexicon, once out of fashion is back in vogue!

The ‘Tharoorian’ English has been the subject of several memes and funny tutorials. While bringing the much needed smile, it also eggs many to know about the word or words being talked about. Tharoor, keeps everyone busy as he keeps coming up with one incomprehensible word after another!

In the video Chaudry demonstrates steps to speak English with Tharoor’s perfection. First he tosses a Oxford Dictionary copy into a juicer, making a smoothie and gulping it down.

Moving to comfortably sit on a sofa, he now has two drips attached to his arms. Don’t worry, while one is attached to a saline bottled labelled Oxford Dictionary, the other is plugged to a laptop playing Tharoor's video.

Is it over? No, now Chaudry uses a pestle and mortar to powder the dictionary, and then using an Indian currency note splits the powder to snort it.

And lo and behold, he starts speaking like Tharoor, which course is the lip-syncing of viral speeches.

What added to the fun was Tharoor’s reaction. Like others he chuckled at the video, retweeting it with a post. A seasoned politician, that he has become he did not miss a chance to score a point as he said in the tweet: "Next one on @ImranKhanPTI please!?> @AkbarChaudry (sic)."

The hilarious clip got over 3 lakh views with 1148 retweets and 7241 likes on the microblogging site.

Chaudry’s Facebook page describes him as a standup comedian, Artistic Director at LOLWaalay and a Aerospace Engineer while his Twitter account with nearly 4000 followers, adds “hotnspicy” lover to this description.

Sometime back Dananeer Mobeen, the 19-year-old Pakistani influencer created waves with her short clip on her pawhri (party) with friends on Instagram. Besides trending in her country, the video got Indian music producer Yashraj Mukhate motivated to create a song, while also setting several brands, including Netflix, Swiggy and Uttar Pradesh, to use pawhri for promotion.