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Haunted by nightmares, thieves return precious idols stolen from 300-year-old Balaji Temple in Chitrakoot

The 14 precious idols that were stolen and later returned by the thieves

In an incredible incident, thieves have returned 14 precious idols stolen from a 300-year-old temple of Lord Bala ji at Taruha village in Uttar Pradesh’s Chitrakoot district and left behind a letter for the priest of the temple, pleading for forgiveness.

The thieves wrote in their letter that they were being haunted by nightmares ever since they stole the idols six days ago and had spent sleepless nights over the sin that they had committed. This had forced them to repent and return the idols. 

"16 ashtadhatu idols worth several crores were stolen from the ancient Balaji temple at Taraunha village on the night of May 9. In this connection, Mahant Rambalak had lodged an FIR against unknown thieves," local police SHO Rajiv Kumar Singh told journalists.

Out of 16 stolen idols, 14 were found mysteriously in a sack that was placed near the residence of Mahant Rambalak on Sunday, he said.

The priest also found a letter with the sack in which thieves wrote that they were having scary dreams at night, so because of fear they are returning the idols.

At present all the 14 'ashtadhatu' (made up of eight metals) idols have been deposited in the Kotwali and further action is being taken, he added.