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Guntur’s historical Gandhi Park undergoes a makeover

Guntur's historical Gandhi Park which has been renovated recently at a cost of Rs.6 crores (Pic. Courtesy wikimedia commons)

One of the most sought after places by local residents and visitors in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, is the historical Gandhi Park but unfortunately it had been neglected for more than 20 years. All that has undergone a change as the renovation work to give a makeover to the park is complete.

The Park which was known for its tall teak trees and manicured gardens is situated right opposite the Guntur Municipal Corporation office and GMC has allocated Rs. 6 crores for its renovation. Now the Park has several new features and amenities. It has an aquarium, a dinosaur theatre, open-air theatre, tree house, musical fountain, children’s play equipment, open gym, walking track, among other attractions.

The authorities also want to construct a new skating zone for kids to make it more attractive for the children.

To make the visit of people comfortable, amenities like washrooms and parking areas too have been revamped.

The Gandhi Park is etched in the history of Guntur as it was a meeting place for leaders during India’s Independence struggle. Among the historically significant landmarks in the park are the Swaraj Maidan pillar erected in the memory of the martyrs in the freedom struggle in 1939. In 1938, a clock tower was also constructed here.

Following Independence, it was decided to establish a Park in this area and it was inaugurated in 1950 during the tenure of special officer Rao Sahab S Mukti Swami.