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Good news for Bengalis as Bangladesh promises Hilsa during Durga Puja holidays

Queen of fish-- Hilsa to arrive from Bangladesh

Fish lovers, especially those in West Bengal, are gearing up to celebrate Durga Puja with Hilsa or Ilish sourced from Bangladesh. While Dhaka has given it nod for the export, it is yet to decide on the names of the exporters. According to reports, 5000 tonnes of Hilsa will be exported to India. The fish is considered a delicacy in West Bengal.

Many Bangladeshi fish traders have sought the government’s approval for exporting Hilsa to India.

Exports of the fish was halted in 2012 after the West Bengal government refused to give a go ahead to the Teesta river water sharing treaty. However, since 2019, exports of Hilsa have resumed.

Last year, Bangladesh exported about 2,500 tons of the fish to India during the Durga Puja time. Most of this was directed to the various cities of West Bengal.

The fish, an emotion for Bengali speaking people, typically travels from the sea to the river. Most Indian Bengalis consider the fish from the Padma river, a tributary of the Ganga that passes through Bangladesh, to be of better quality than what is found in West Bengal

Demand for fish surges in West Bengal during the Durga Puja period, which is then followed by Kaali Puja or Diwali and other festivals such as Bhai Phnota or “Bhai Duj.”