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Get vaccinated and eat chole bhature free!

Sanjay Rana at his food stall where he offers free chole bhature plate for those who have been vaccinated for Covid-19

His deeds are what got him the attention of the country’s Prime Minister and also a mention in the premier’s monthly interaction with the people, Mann Ki Baat.

He is a food outlet proprietor Sanjay Rana based in Chandigarh. Well, you would say so what’s special about him? Well, he has been offering plates of chole bhature absolutely free to all those who prove that they have got themselves inoculated with the Covid-19 vaccine by showing him the certificate!

What is really brave of this seller of yummy chole and bhature is that he insists that he will continue to do this “till his pocket allows”.

The PM in his recent Mann Ki Baat mentioned Rana and appreciated his efforts in promoting the vaccination.

In an interaction with India Today, the 45-year-old food stall owner said: “The idea to offer a free food plate to people came from my children, including my school-going daughter Ridhima, niece Riya and son Akshat. My wife also agreed.”

When asked as to how many plates he gives out free, Rana replied that an average of 35 to 40 beneficiaries visited every day.

Rana is visibly thrilled by the fact that the PM took note of him and his work. When asked if PM’s interaction had drawn more customers to his outlet he said: “My sales are as usual but people are coming to congratulate me. I really feel proud that the Prime Minister remembered even the smallest things."

Even though many have come forward to help Rana financially, including some local leaders, he has refused to accept any donation.

Hailing from Hamirpur Rana did voice his concerns about doing business from the pavement. Speaking about his problems he told the media: The 45-year-old stall owner from Himachal Pradesh’s Hamirpur also spoke of the problems he faces in running the shop on a daily basis. "There is no water, no power and only a shed here. I, along with other pavement sellers, brave harsh winters, scorching sun and rains to make our livelihood."

The food stall is located in Sector29 market in Chandigarh and has been running for more than two decades. Also for those who are in Chandigarh or are visiting India’s first planned city, and would like to try his chole bhature, it is priced at Rs.30 only!