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Gandhi Jayanti binge list: Lesser known films on the Mahatma

Gandhi Jayanti binge list: Lesser known films on the Mahatma

<p id="content">On the 151st anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on Friday, OTT platforms have laid out a spread of binge-worthy options based on the Father of the Nation.</p>
IANS lists a few lesser-known films on Gandhi, whose teachings, practice of non-violence, and significant contribution towards India's freedom struggle have touched all our lives.

<strong>HAMNE GANDHI KO MAAR DIA</strong>
The 2018 movie, directed by Naeem A Siddiqui, narrates the story of two strangers — Kailash and Divakar, whose paths cross during a train journey. The film is set against the turbulent backdrop of Partition, following the end of British Raj. The story traces the interactions of the two characters who have conflicting views about the Mahatma and his philosophy during the journey that coincides with the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. The film can be viewed on ShemarooMe.

<strong>ROAD TO SANGAM</strong>
The 2009 movie directed by Amit Rai depicts the tale of Hasmat, a devout Muslim residing in Uttar Pradesh. A mechanic, Hasmat is asked to repair an old lorry, unaware that this was the vehicle that once transported one of the 20 cremation urns with Gandhi's ashes. He takes up the job, but the situation gets complicated when he finds out the truth behind the urns and decides to transport the last remains of Gandhi. The film stars Paresh Rawal with the late Om Puri and Pavan Malhotra. It is available on ShemarooMe.

The late Om Puri plays the NRI Rai Saheb, who strongly believes in the principles of Mahatma Gandhi. On returning to India, he comes across four troubled people who have made wrong choices in life. The film captures his efforts to reform them by following Gandhi's example. The 2016 film streams on Amazon Prime Video.

<strong>NANNU GANDHI</strong>
The 2008 Kannada film by NR Nanjunde Gowda revolves around a group of children who inspire everyone around them by adhering to Gandhi's principles and opinions. It is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

<strong>REBOOTING MAHATMA</strong>
The Gujarati film, released in 2019, is based on the concept of a humanoid version of Mahatma Gandhi. He has been brought to 21st Century and Bapu discusses various topics that greatly impact today's world, such as the political system, Bollywood, social media and youth. The film can be watched on ShemarooMe..