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4 huge pythons rescued from Mathura and Agra

The 12-foot-long Indian Rock python rescued from Koila Alipur village in Mathura

In an action-packed weekend, the Wildlife SOS Rapid Response Unit responded to three massive python rescue calls in a single day!

It started on Sunday morning, when a gigantic Indian Rock python scared the residents of Koila Alipur village in Mathura when it was spotted near a house in the fields. Concerned about the safety of its members, the family immediately got in touch with Wildlife SOS on its 24×7 emergency rescue helpline and asked for their assistance.

The rescue team of two members reached the spot and carefully rescued the snake measuring 12 feet and weighing more than 25 kilograms, much to the relief of the people.

11 feet log python
The 11-foot-long python weighing 21 kilograms rescued from Mohri Kirawali village near Agra

The next viper the rescue team rescued was from Mohri Kirawali village near Agra. Here the snake was found near a water canal and it had got accidentally caught in a fishing net and was very stressed. Concerned about its plight, people intimidated the NGO. On reaching the location, the rescuers cautiously cut off the net to rescue the snake, which weighed 21 kg and was 11-foot-long.

Shortly after this incident, the team rescued a 6-foot-long python which was spotted near a house in Sutedi village near Agra.  This was not all as a fourth one was rescued over the weekend and this time it was 7-foot-long and was found in the storeroom of a shoe manufacturing company in Runakta located in the outskirts of Agra.

Indian Rock python storieroom
This seven-foot-long python was captured from the storeroom of a shoe manufacturing company in Runakta, near Agra

Talking about these pythons, Baiju Raj M.V, Director, Conservation Projects, Wildlife SOS said: “All four snakes are currently under observation and will be released back in their natural habitat once deemed fit. What is most crucial here to acknowledge is that people in all four instances did not take matters into their own hands and alerted the experts to handle the situation.”